I realize I’ve been more vacant than usual these last few months, perhaps its time to get a post down on [roughly] what I’ve been up to.  In late February I took on a pretty interesting job for a big name client (details coming soon!).  The work has afforded me the ability to become quite intimate with a number of technologies of which I’d only had “user manual” level experience.

  • Event Driven HTTP Servers in Java
  • Lots of spatial analysis using PostgreSQL’s built-in Geometry types (I didn’t even know these existed outside of PostGIS)
  • Circle Packing algorithms
  • Super Bonus:Processing found its way back into my life!  Visual prototypes that happened to be beautiful really helped me out.

There will be more information about what I’m up to in a the next week or two, but its exciting and I’m working with some awesome people.. Stay tuned!