I should have posted this when it actually happened, but its been a busy few weeks.  My thesis defense, unfortunately, got bumped up to December 16th, giving me fewer days to rehearse the presentation and get all my ducks in a neatly aligned row.  That said, I defended successfully and now have an M.S in Integrated Digital Media from the Polytechnic Institute of NYU.  Cool!  I was lucky enough to have a great panel for the defense who were able to really push me on a topic they all knew pretty well.  It was a lot of [nerve-wracking] fun!  My thanks to Carl Skelton (NYU-Poly), Susan Gladstone (NYU-Poly), Dororthy Nash (NYC Office of Emergency Management), and Frank Hebbert (OpenPlans) for their participation and feedback.


The topic, which you might remember, has morphed from 3D visualization of geodata to an argument for open geodata is ongoing for me and revisions to the paper are ongoing.