A few other jMonkeyEngine team members and I were talking about this a week or so back and a few days ago I started thinking again how cool it would be. So here it is, a Berkelium window running within OpenGL via jME3. Mouse coordinates finally line up properly within the texture, which was my personal goal before letting people know too much about it ;)

Performance with one window is quite nice, I can get between 2600 and 3200 frames a second. Regarding the question of video, yes it will indeed play video formats natively supported by Chrome without the aid of Flash. A few YouTube videos here and there do function (I had one on Ubuntu’s website working and then starting having problems), as does a good sample Ogg-Theora video available from Wikimedia

I’m planning on keeping up development with this, including some sort of mechanism for calling delegate methods in Java from HTML widgets (effectively making it an extremely simple UI system that allows GUI’s with HTML/CSS and JavaScript.. should be pretty cool!)

Unfortunately its Windows only right now but I’m working on building Linux and Mac natives of the Berkelium-Java wrapper.


Berkelium JNI Binding

The screen recorder kind of killed performance :(