I’ve talked a bit before about setting up a Betaville server, but what about updating one to get all of the latest features and bug fixes?

Well, I’ve written a relatively easy script to help get this accomplished!

# script to update a Betaville server installation
# by Skye Book <skye.book@gmail.com>

wget http://betaville.net/nightly/BetavilleServer-latest.tgz
cp -R BetavilleServer_deploy previous
tar -zxvf BetavilleServer-latest.tgz
rm BetavilleServer-latest.tgz
cp previous/config.xml BetavilleServer_deploy/config.xml
cp -R previous/logs BetavilleServer_deploy/logs
rm -R previous
cd BetavilleServer_deploy
nohup ./run.sh &