I recently wrote a quick blurb on how to get a load balancer setup quickly and easily under Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but this morning I found myself needing to do some work on a train where my internet connectivity was shoddy at best. I thought I’d remembered reading on the website that Balance worked on OS X and other Unix-like operating systems, but no directions were provided. Luckily, the standard commands worked out pretty well and it was quite simple to get running.

Download the latest version of balance from here (3.54 as of writing)

tar -zxvf balance-3.54.tar.gz
cd balance-3.54
sudo mkdir -m 01777 /var/run/balance

This completes the setup of balance, now its just a matter of running it. Examples of use can be seen in the excellent PDF that they’ve included with their distribution as well as in my earlier post on how to get setup in Red Hat