While working on my latest concoction of rendering landmasses in OpenGL (and writing the results to a COLLADA file), I noticed a series of interesting messages passing by in my MacBook Pro’s console

So let’s see, we have “Unable to find instantiated entity” as well as “Mesh has source with an unknown id.“. Well these are terms that look familiar, but from where? A bit of work in Google tells us that we’re looking at errors generated by FUError.cpp, which is a part of the open-source FCollada library.

// from lines 103 and 144 of the aforementioned FUError.cpp case ERROR_UNKNOWN_MESH_ID: return “Mesh has source with an unknown id.”; case WARNING_INST_ENTITY_MISSING: return “Unable to find instantiated entity.”;

So that’s that. Kudos to Apple for not reinventing the wheel, I’m glad to see that they chose to use what was already out there.