Here’s a nasty little annoyance I get whenever I install/reinstall Eclipse on an Ubuntu box: The Ctrl+Alt+Down keybinding to copy a line down doesn’t work!

Luckily, it indeed works but is being blocked by part of the default Compiz configuration that ships with Ubuntu (and I believe has been being shipped since version 7.10).

# The application is installed to the System/Preferences menu
sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

If you install the CompizConfig Settings Manager (see above), the binding can be disabled in Desktop Wall -> Bindings -> ‘Move within wall' -> ‘Move Down'. Notice also that the ‘Move Up' option blocks Eclipse's default mapping for the copy line up command as well so it may behoove you to disable or change that setting too.

This handy application can be found in System->Preferences once installed