It’s taken me nearly a year and I’ve finally updated my installation of Quicksilver and was disappointed to find that typing in a few letters in the wrong order (i.e: “ecl” will always give me Eclipse, but try “elc”) was suddenly a mistake that required a backspace!  In the prior version all I had to do was wait a moment and type again, the text from my last attempt would be cleared.

It turns out that the reset timer isn’t gone but instead seems to be set to 2 seconds by default.  Trying to wait that long has nearly driven me insane, so I’ve set it to a far more comfortable .75 seconds.  Of course, everyone will have their own preference so YMMV.

This is about the simplest fix ever but its taken me nearly a week to get around to doing simply because Quicksilver is never a thought process for me.  I treat more as a patch bay, and when’s the last time you put any effort into tweaking one of those?