I came across an interesting quirk (I don’t know if it should be called a feature or a bug!) this afternoon that is part of the Autodesk 3ds Max “Autodesk Collada” exporter.  It turns out that if your operating system’s locale is set to somewhere in Europe (as many here in Bremen are), you will see decimal values denoted by a comma, rather than a dot (i.e: 2,03 as opposed to 2.03).

Needless to say, this can cause some confusion, especially when you’re working with an import based pipeline.  This is just the problem we had with the jME2 importer for COLLADA, which was [not unreasonably] expecting a dot.  It instead got a comma and we got a nasty exception, fun for the whole family!


Yikes! I wasn't expecting that!

Lukcily, we weren’t the first ones to notice this.  A helpful Autodesk employee was able to provide the solution.  He provides a reasonably concise method for changing the decimal setting in Windows:

Go to your control panel in Windows XP and choose Regional and Language settings.  In the Regional Options tab, choose Customize next to the formats dropdown and then review the value set for Decimal Symbol.

With this little doozy out of the way we were able to go on with our day of creating three dimensional models of Bremen for inclusion in Betaville.  The fixable problems really are the best.