Using and quite enjoying the Kindle App on my HTC Evo, I thought it might not be a bad idea to grab it for OS X when I saw it on the new Mac App Store. I was quickly disappointed to find, however, that I could not copy text from within my books!

After a minute or two of finagling I came up with a fairly simple solution:

  • Select the text you want and click search from the menu that automatically pops up

I wish I could copy this!

  • On the top right of the application you can see that the selected text has been inserted into the search bar. From here you can double click the text to select it, right-click (or Control-Click), and simply select ‘copy’. (The Command-C shortcut will not work here!)

And now we can copy!

What you do with the text from there is up to you, but I strongly encourage you not to use it to engage in plagiarism or any sort of “book piracy”! Its a shame that Amazon has doubtlessly included this functionality as a protection against piracy.. especially when I use their mp3 service mainly because it is DRM free.