Welcome to the new year.  I’d say I’m extremely fortunate to have rolled into it in good health surrounded by good people.  Thankfully I’ve got plenty to keep me busy this year with Betaville as well as my duties over at jMonkeyEngine (and that thing about working on my master’s degree at NYU-Poly… I always forget to mention that), but I’ve still got things I want to fit in.

Herein I insert these ambitions to MySQL and do promise for the next 365 days not to sneakily update or delete any columns which may obfuscate my original intentions:

  • Write something here once a week (this post doesn’t count)
  • Learn to make sushi
  • Buy some new gloves and a new stick -> find a hockey league before the fall -> revert to childhood passions

I wish I had more planned, but perhaps its a good sign that I feel like I’m sort of doing the right things already.  As I’m writing this the German sonne has decided to finally come up at 9:40 and is telling me to get out (shopping for groceries before the sun comes up makes me feel like I haven’t been out ‘today’) and do something.

So cheers to you 2010 and hello 2011!