It was my plan all along to release what has come to be known as “CanyonJam” as open-source, but alas the time taken to set up a publicly visible Subversion server has proven elusive enough to stop me from doing it.  Its almost funny considering that its likely taking me longer to write this post than it would to set up a repository, but I’ve made my decision.  The decision is to put it on SourceForge so all can have at it.  I have to say that as my first time setting up a project on SF, I was highly impressed with all of the available features… it makes Google Code feel almost childish :)  There are still a few dependencies that have to be ironed out: Betaville is required for its XML functionality as is jME2.  (Checking out BetavilleApp will get you both)

And without further ado, here we go: